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General Partner:
Piano Finders
Karen and Michael Partnership
KLPN.net. Film/TV Industry Production Company and Networks.
KLPN.net Travel Division

Strategic Alliances

Alliance between KLPN.net and Sports Byline USA including Music and Sports.net.
Alliance between KLPN.net and Tanganyika Expeditions.

Non-Profit Organizations Leadership

Berkeley Yacht Club Delegate
~ Pacific Inter-Club Yachting Association
Past Commodore 2015-2017
~ International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians, San Francisco Fleet
Cruise Captain
~ Berkeley Yacht Club
Past President 1996-2013. Current Executive Director:
~ Building Bridges
Past International Bridge Member, International Webmaster 2011-2013
~ International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians (IYFR)
Board of Directors. Vocational/Resource Chair 2012-2014.
~ Rotary Club of Walnut Creek

Alumni of Educational Institutions

~ University of California at Berkeley
~ University of Texas at Austin


~ American Mensa
~ Berkeley Yacht Club. BYC has been an active member of the Pacific Inter-Club Yachting Association since 1940. Over 100 clubs in the San Francisco Bay Area, who are members of this organization, exchange reciprocal privileges amongst each other.
~ Boat Owners Association of the United States
~ IYFR San Francisco Fleet, governed by International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians a Rotary Fellowship of Rotary International
~ Los Angeles Yacht Club, established in 1901.
~ National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, La Puerta de Oro San Francisco chapter
~ Rotary Club of Walnut Creek, located in Rotary District 5160, governed by Rotary International
~ United Services Automobile Association. USAA began in 1922 with 25 millitary officers and has 10.1 million members today.

Mélange of Periodic Career Adventures:

News resource for writers and tv producers including:
~ 48 Hours with Dan Rather
~ ABC's 20/20
~ Associated Press
~ Dateline
~ People Magazine
~ Profit Magazine
~ Time Magazine
~ The Sunday Times
Arts and Culture Correspondent:
~ United States Press Agency News
Adventure Travel Writer/Photographer:
~ Sail Couture Magazine
Music and Sports Talk Show Co-Host:
~ SportsByline USA
Speaker Including for my friends at:
~ St. Francis Yacht Club Wednesday Yachting Luncheons
~ Los Angeles Yacht Club Wednesday Luncheons
~ Rotary International Clubs
Classical Music Video Producer:
~ First Classical Music Video to be broadcast on A&E Network

Karen Lile's Lineage of Public Record

The Bachiler Family. Direct descendant of Rev. Stephen Bachiler. Founder of Hampton, New Hampshire in 1638.
The Chase Family. Direct descendant of Daniel Chase, who fought in the American Revolution. He was a Private from New York.
The Corey Family. Direct descendant of William Cory and Mary Earle.
The Earle Family. Direct descendant of Ralph Earle colonial co-founder of Rhode Island in 1638.
The Sylvester Family. Direct descendant of Captain Joseph Sylvester whose meritorious service established Turner, Maine and Richmond, New Hampshire for the survivors of Captain Joseph Sylvester's calvary in 1690.
The Wing Family. Direct descendant of Deborah Wing, daughter of Rev. Stephen Bachiler. Debora Wing settled in Sandwhich, Massachusetts in 1641.
See References Section for sources of public record:

Family Members and Historic Seafaring Vessels of Public Record

Rev. Stephen Bachiler A leader with the company of merchant adventurers called the Plough Company, came to New England, arriving at Cambridge in the William and Francis Ship from London on 5 June 1632. (ancestor)
Rear Admiral Ralph Earle b May 3, 1874. Served at sea on USS Massachusetts, USS Essex, and USS Hornet. He commanded the USS Dolphin and USS Connecticut. The ship USS Earle, launched 10 December 1941 by Boston Navy Yard, was named in his honor. (distant cousin)
William Corey a United States Navy sailor and a recipient of the United States military's Medal of Honor. (distant cousin)

Contemporary Family Spotlights of Public Record

Thomas R. Lile's San Francisco Architecture
Tony Terrans's Music
Willard Kirkhams's Films

Arrival of the Winthrop Fleet by William F Halsall

In 1632, Ancestor Stephen Batchiler sailed from London to North America with the Winthrop Fleet to establish a New England colony. Karen Lile sails today for personal pleasure in the San Francisco Bay and abroad. Click on image for "Arrival of Winthrop Fleet" by William F Halsall.